Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Rainbow Plus Birthday Quilts

I have two sisters with November birthdays.  And what a better way to celebrate than with a new quilt?

Back in August I got this fabric.  It was originally intended to be a rainbow plus quilt for Daughter when she upgraded to a twin sized bed.  But when she saw it all laid out, she had one big criticism ... not enough pink.

So, I scrapped the idea to use this fabric for Daughter and quickly thought of two dear sweet friends (who are practically my sisters) who have birthdays in November.  


I split the fabric in half and added a few solids from my stash and presto enough for TWO throw sized quilts.  

I was so excited to get started on these.  I put all the rows together at home and then spent most of our September Saturday Sewing day finishing the tops.  Back at home I decided on a solid light blue for the backs, basted, quilted, binded and done.  Over a month before I would actually mail them!  I really was so excited to get these finished.  And I'm really proud of how they came out.  My best quilts yet.

the front of one
it's bound with the solid blue that's in the quilt
the front of the other.
don't get stressed out about those two yellow pluses in the middle being side by side.  It's part of a pattern.  Find the pattern and the anxiety will go away.  at least it did for me.
this one is bound with the blue fabric I used for the wonky log cabin quilts and the place mats. It's a favorite.
the backs.  I took the "easy" way out and quilted beside the ditch to make squares. I like the way it turned out.  

a closeup.  this is the first time I've used my walking foot for such a big project and WOW I can definitely tell a difference.   no bunching.
a closeup of a few of the prints

a special hand embroidered message 
And now that I'm sure they have both been delivered, I can debut them on the blog.


Melissa said...

Those quilts are fabulous! They are probably my fave I've seen on your blog. I think it's the plus design - I'm not sure I've ever seen it before. You are so talented!

Jennifer said...

These are great! You did an excellent job. Isn't the plus so satisfying?!?

Mandy Mc said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!! It actually makes me wish I'd gone with a plus pattern for Cady's quilt. Of course, it's still in the infant stage so I could always decide to go that way instead of the disappearing 9-patch ;-)