Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alphabet Rocks

Cheri @ I Am Momma is pretty amazing. I her blogs posts. Especially when she made Alphabet Rocks for her son(s). It's her first idea I've loved enough to copy. Please visit her blog and look at all the fun things she makes and great ideas she has.

What I used:
  • I picked up two packs of decorator rocks from walmart. I got two because I am making a set for each kid and I didn't think there were enough big rocks in each pack. It ended up being just enough. (now we have lots of small decorator rocks waiting to be used for something!)
  • I stayed with Cheri's color scheme and didn't even have to buy any paint. (If you're not going to use the paints for anything but this project, get those little pots of paint that are connected. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you'll see them when you get to the paint section in your favorite craft store. OR you could use paint pens. I might have done that if I didn't already have the paint)
  • I did get a black fine point paint pen to outline the letters
  • clear gloss finish spray paint to seal. (that REALLY makes the rocks look shiny)
Then I started painting letters. Each need at least 2 coats. Some needed three depending on the color of the rock. When that dried I traced the letter with the paint pen.

uppercase letters before I spray painted them

lower case letters on the back before spray paint

I had 4 "big" rocks left over. So, everyone got a rock with his/her initial on the front and name written on the back. (those are post spray paint. see the shine!!)
I'm really excited about the kids playing and learning with these. They both love collecting rocks. I figured it'd be a great way for Son to learn his letters and a great way for Daughter to learn what the lower case letters look like, plus begin to spell simple words.

EDIT: I actually made these almost two months ago. And after a lot of heavy toddler play, I recommend exclusively using paint pens. Skip the acrylic paint and use a thick tip paint pen for the letter and outline it with a thin tip. The paint is rubbing off on about half the letters but the paint pen is holding strong.


Bethy said...

what an awesome idea!!! they look great.

Megan said...

Those are super cool!

Lee said...

Awesome. I am coping this.