Monday, July 25, 2011

Now Everyone has a Quilt

Since I've started sewing, I've made a quilt for each kid and Husband and I. So, who's left? Well, if you're a diligent blog stalker, you've noticed my sidebar of WIPs and have seen blankets for Blue Bear and Baby appear and disappear fairly quickly.

When it comes to fabric and well, most anything, if I think I can use it later, I keep it. My leftover fabric stacks were piling up. No, not really. It's not like I have a great storehouse of fabric. But I keep my fabric and all my sewing accessories on a shelf in a bookcase in my room and that space WAS filling up.

So, I decided to sit down and get rid of as much of the scraps as I could. I made Blue Bear a blanket out of the left overs of Son and Daughter's quilts. And I made Baby's out of the left overs of the coasters and mug rugs (and used some of Nanny's fabric for the binding). It took nap time of one day to design, cut and sew the front and back of Blue Bear's. And nap time on a second day to do the same for Baby's. Then on the third day, I quilted and bound them.

There's something so satisfying about completely 2 projects in about 6 hours.

The fronts. The both ended up being in the neighborhood of 18x23 (Blue Bear's is a little smaller)
Daughter loved all the pink on Blue Bear's blanket
And Son just loved Baby's. He didn't care what colors I used.

the backs.
this is the first time I haven't done a solid back and it was simply because I didn't have enough of any one fabric to complete a full back. I like it. This will definitely make it easier for me to make the decision to piece backs on future yet to be determined quilt projects.

Daughter, Blue Bear and his new blanket

Son, Baby and her new blanket.

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