Monday, July 11, 2011

July Second Saturday Sewing or How I Became the Mom Who Dresses Like her Kid

Saturday was filled with quilts, bags, skirts, scrapbooks, chik-fil-a, chocolate and RC Cola. Fun times.

The main work table. sewing and scrap booking.

overflow ... or the last one to arrive. HW is finishing up her pleated purse. I really like her fabric. very summer-y and fun.

Marie finished the front and quilted her baby blanket. She only has the binding left. She did a fantastic job on her very first sewing project ever.

JSS and I made this SUPER SIMPLE SUMMER SKIRT from I Am Momma (the site I got the idea for the ABC rocks)

JSS finished hers and one for her daughter.
Because I bought a HUGE amount of fabric I made one for Daughter too. I finished hers but had to take mine home to finish it up. I got frustrated with my basting skills and decided to start it over and sew the final stitches at home after I got a break.

This skirt really was super easy to make. The hardest part for me was just deciding how big to make the waist (my knit was SUPER stretchy) and how long I wanted the length. And, of course, cutting the fabric to get the maximum use out of it ... I'm still working on that skill. but it was easy to put together and is SO VERY COMFORTABLE. And pretty cute.

Daughter and I showing off our matching skirts. I had plans to cut some length off hers, but then decided to leave it long so she can get more wear out of it. She told me, "I like these matching skirts. They go together forever." :-) sigh.
fun times.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad she loves them. At least her's doesn't fall directly to the floor when she puts it on! After seeing that GREAT picture of myself, I think I'm going to cut 2 inches off the bottom of mine.

Christy Ross said...

on the plus side: your boobs look nice and your waist looks small.

laurensmommy said...

LOVE these cute skirts you girls made! I am promising that if we get moved back to TN, I am so coming to a SSS so I can learn to sew something besides a button. :)

I'm really impressed by all of the creativity!