Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Independence Day Lesson

Last July 4th, we had the most wonderful family fun day. I've been quietly looking forward to this year's adventure for quite some some. I just knew it was going to be fantastic. We were going to follow the same plan: park, ice cream, fireworks. It was going to be wonderful. Everyone was going to have a super duper day.

or no.

It rained and that really threw us off. No problem, we'll go to McWane until the rain stops. (McWane closes as 6 and the fireworks start at 9)

We all took turns pulling on ropes.
my turn

Husband's turn

Daughter's turn

Son's turn

Daughter is getting better and better at taking pictures of things and people. I didn't even have to crop this one to get Husband and I in the middle.

dancing. This is a move that Husband and I call "the donkey kick" They were cracking us up with their mad skills.

So after McWane closed, it was still raining. a lot. That crossed the park off our list and made the picnic snacks I packed slightly redundant. We adjusted our plans and decided to go to a restaurant to get something to eat. Then we'd head to the park, park the car and walk to downtown Homewood for ice cream and find a spot to watch the fireworks. great. back on track. mostly.

Husband and I make a quick list of all the places we've taken the kids that they have done well at. Well, first we go to Nabeels. closed. Then we head to V. Richard's. closed. Next we stop by Rojo. closed. sigh. We did see that Mellow Mushroom was opened, but we weren't too terribly keen on it. But we headed that way. That's when Husband mentioned driving by Sitar.

HURRAY. The Indians didn't close to celebrate Independence Day! The food was great as usual, but the kids were wound up and the service was slow. So enjoy my dinner, I did not. There were lots of threats. And lots of "sit downs" and "stop doing thats" They weren't loud and they weren't disruptive, but it still stresses me out when a 2 and a 3 year old can't sit in a chair and be still for 40 minutes. (insert laugh here ... really all the parents of 2 and 3 years olds, take the opportunity to laugh at my lunacy) Still, they've done it before. I know they are capable of proper behavior. So sometimes I forget they are toddlers and will, ya know, act like toddlers.

With dinner over we headed to the park, loaded the stroller and started walking to So-Ho Sweets. We also made the mistake of telling the kids that was where we were going. So they are getting all geeked up about getting ice cream. We get there and (drum roll please) So-Ho Sweets is closed. Not closed for the day, but empty with a for lease sign on the door. (sigh)

ok, no ice cream much to the kids' dismay.

So we head to our fireworks watching spot and try to salvage the day. I pull out the glow necklaces and the kids run around and play for the 15 minutes that we're waiting on Thunder on the Mountain to start.

showing off their necklaces
(BTW, this is Daughter's new favorite party dress. I got in on clearance at walmart for $3!)

This is when Husband corralled the troops so get them calmed down a little right before the fireworks started.
during the fireworks they marveled and danced and ran around and cheered. They really enjoyed the show.
a shot of the fireworks
An Independence Day Lesson: you can't recreate perfection, so you might as well just shoot for fun.

And the truth is, I was stressed out and mad that things weren't "perfect." We didn't recreate 2010 and all go home euphoric. But the kids did have a great time and Husband and I did laugh a lot about the ridiculousness of the situation. It wasn't perfect, but it was fun.


Husband said...

Sage like - "you can't recreate perfection, so you might as well just shoot for fun."

TL said...

my nephew did the donkey kick as well! i'm going to search for photos to post!

Lee said...

You are not the only one that wishes their kids could sit still for 40 mins and eat. Oh my, what a wonderful dinner that would be.

McWane didn't look too crowded.

Christy Ross said...

Lee: it was gloriously deserted. on a holiday that usually revolves around bbq, water, fireworks and beer -- that's the time to go to mcwane!