Friday, July 29, 2011

More Pleated Purses

I put some of my fabric by the pound to good use and made 3 more pleated purses (I actually made 4 but one was from leftover material from the one I made for myself)

I used Kona solids for the lining.

BBWP claimed this one as her fun prize.
It looks black-ish in the picture but is actually navy. It's my favorite fabric of all of the fabric by the pound and I was happy to send it out west.

This is the one I made from my original leftovers. It's about an inch and a half smaller because I was trying to cut scrap fabric, but that's not really noticeable. I like the way the pink goes with the polka dots. But I still like my light blue liner too.
black and white.
This might be my second favorite. All though I'd never actually carry it ... because, well, I would have to wash it daily! too much white for me. I like the print.
My mom picked this one out and has been carrying it around nonstop.
I don't really have any plans for the extra 2. They'll stick around for awhile until I gift them away. I did enjoy making these more than the first one. Just for confidence sake. It was nice to know I wasn't doing it "wrong"

Plus, it was nice practice for all the different skills.

Double Plus, it was the first time I've sewn with Kona solids. wow, I love it. I bought a few yards of white for a later project after using the pink and blue for the purse liner!


Melissa said...

These are super cute! You did a fantastic job. What do the guts look like? Are there any pockets inside?

Christy Ross said...

yes, both sides have two pockets made out of the fabric from the outside. But as much as I carry my purse, I only use the pockets for chapstick!

Laura Forman said...

These are super cute!! You should open an etsy could make some money! :) I would buy one (if I wasn't poor and on a budget, ha ha!) :)

Laura Forman said...

PS. Totally didn't mean to copy Mel and put the same "super cute" can I blame on the two little ones at my feet? :) I know you understand.

bpeterson said...

They have LOTS of storage inside. I love mine and have used it a lot.

Andrea said...

I LOVE the third one...that is so cute!!

A. Smith said...

I would totally buy should sell them!

TL said...

the color combo on the second one is brilliant! you have such a good eye for pairing fabric!

Lee said...

Idea: another giveaway =)

These are super cute and you did a great job. I would buy one too.

How much did the fabric cost to make one?

ps...I am considering embracing the sewing machine when Evan starts school. Even with three kids home I am going to need a distraction.