Thursday, July 14, 2011

Book to Purse Part 3 (!!)

Tina finished the purses, Tina finished the purses, TINA FINISHED THE PURSES!

Can you sense my excitement?

Imagine how surprised I was when my mail carrier dropped off a package on the porch yesterday. There has been no recent online shopping. It's no one's birthday. what in the world in this box? Then I recognize the handwriting and squeal. yes, I squealed.

Tina definitely had the hardest, most involved job. Remember, I just donated the books. Tiffany had a slightly harder job of selecting matching handles and fabric, but WOW, Tina was our workhorse.

sewing, gluing, shlacking ... she did it. And did it well.

My purse that used to be a Nancy Drew book

the inside -- peacock feather fabric. love it.
plus, the handles are a perfect size. The provide nice grip.

So ends the first project of the crafting trifecta. Now that I can sew, I promise to help bear the load when we get our next idea.

We still have all the pages of the books to do something with. ideas?


laurensmommy said...

How COOL is that?! And I LOVE the book choice! :)

Jennifer said...

Whatever you do, don't google book pages crafts. You will find a million rabbit trails!

Tina said...

Just so you know, I have some of said pages in my possession and I have plans for them. Muwhaha!