Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Pirate Adventure at McWane

We spent Sunday at McWane enjoying Pirate Weekend. They had a few stations set up and lots of Oriental Trading Co. pirate loot for the kids. It was a fun time, as always.

Son showing off his pirate tattoo. (that's the necklace he got at the tattoo station) Notice, he's carrying a stuffed pirate. Let me tell you, that was the extent of our pirate preparation. I was surprised to see so many children (and adults) dressed as pirates. It was fun times. At the tattoo station there was also a guy there doing squid ink tattoos. I thought those would have been fun to get, but it involved the person actually standing still for multiple minutes while he painted a squid ink design on your hand ... standing still? not for my kids.
Son showing off the eye patch he colored. I think he picked out a compass ring at this station.

This is the first time we visited the Messy Art Studio. With all the pirate stuff going on it was nearly deserted compared to other times we've been. So the kids got to experiment with stencils and ink stamps.

Daughter checking out the decomposition box ... it was just bones.

a favorite. always.

that's an imprint of my Daughter's face and arms.

I finally took the time to try the High Cycle. It's in such a light traffic spot, I often forget about it most of the time. Fun and a little scary.
When I was finished Son said, "Your turn, Daddy. Go, go go." Husband is deathly afraid of heights and already experienced the High Cycle a few weeks ago. He's not about to do it again!

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Nicki said...

How fun! :D

I've seen the High Cycle several times and haven't felt daring enough to try it. I wouldn't say that I have a fear of heights ... more like a fear of falling from heights. :)