Tuesday, July 19, 2011

very miniature golf

Last summer my mom got Daughter some kind of gator golf set. We didn't really like it. Both kids were using the clubs as weapons. It was quickly donated.

A couple of months ago, Daughter said, "Remember my golf clubs? I sure miss them." um, we donated them OVER A YEAR AGO. This kid has some kind of memory.

Wal-mart has there cheap-o crap-tastic kids' golf club set for $5, so we got one.

Hardwood floors are fantastic when you're potty training a toddler. They are terrible when you're trying to help the same toddler golf effectively.

I pulled out the scraps of the flat sheet that I cut off when making the back of the wonky log cabin quilts. And we had instant "golf grass." It really slowed the little plastic ball down enough that Daughter was able to ring the hole a few times.

taking turns. Daughter did get frustrated when every swing wasn't a hole in one so Husband taught her about how golf is a hard sport and you have to keep practicing and getting the ball as close to the hole as you can. (Husband worked at a golf course the summer before he started law school and he's a pretty wretched golfer)

the taped down "grass" and the hole. She got close.

Son needs to watch more golf on television with Husband so he can better understand the game.

until then, he's content being the caddy.

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TL said...

man, golf IS hard! i was just thinking about selling my clubs...maybe i'll hold onto them for 15 years and sell them to ROS.