Thursday, July 28, 2011

Palisades Park from Daughter's Point of View

Recently, we took another trip to Palisades Park. seriously, my kids love to hike. I love it.

This time when I was packing Daughter's backpack with oranges, wipes and ice water, I added her camera. She was so excited when she found it. "So, I can taking pictures during the hike? Of whatever I want to?"

yes, yes, indeed.

And, boy, she did. She took about 50 pictures and I parred it down to 10.
The captions in quotes are what she was saying when she snapped the picture.

"This tree is so big and strong. I love it."

"Mommy, this says, 'Our hike starts now.'"
I'm not sure why it looks like I'm asking a question. Maybe because I was wondering if she was actually taking a legitimately good picture. She was.
She took a picture of EVERY one of these on the trail identifying the trees (over 20). I liked this one best because of the lighting.
"This is a tiny pine comb. It's where trees come from."
something like that, exactly.

I love how she picked up the rock to take a picture of it.
(Son in the background)
Son. (sigh. what a cutie)
Husband starting eating these wild "blackberries" Well, not these. He ate ripe ones. He offered me some but I told him if he didn't die, I'd have some on our next hike. (I'm glad he didn't die)

a great sunset.

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