Thursday, February 3, 2011

The blinds came down

The window in our bathroom is such a weird size. It was custom made to center over the tub. I didn't mind the weird size until the kids broke several blades and messed up the pull mechanism on the blinds. They looked horrible. I wanted to take them down and replace them with something. ANYTHING. cheaply. the cheaper the better.

I still haven't checked anywhere but wal-mart. I'm not making a special trip to price blinds and we just haven't been to Target, Home Depot, Lowe's etc. in months.

Wal-mart's widest length was two and a half inches shorter than the broken blinds. I did a little more measuring to see if it would work and there would be a noticeable gab from where the blinds end and the window jam on both sides. I thought that'd look as bad as having broken blinds. (sigh) I hate when simple things are made difficult.

I ended up buying a tension rod on clearance ($3) and two panels of sheer crinkle white curtains ($9 each). So under $25 which was cheaper than the too short blinds.

While I was ironing the wrinkles out of the curtains, I had a slight identity crisis. When did I become the "kind of" woman who irons curtains? (This is the ONLY window in the house that has curtains. The kids have valances that match their bedding but that's it) I suddenly felt very domestic, almost maid-like. I didn't like it. Then I realized that the only reason I was ironing the curtains is because I wanted to because I was too lazy/cheap to search for blinds that fit. Cheap and lazy, that's me. I calmed down, hung the curtains, and sighed. They looked pretty great.

As you can see, the real winner here is the cat. She gets more space on the ledge because the blinds aren't there. You'd think she'd be a little nicer to me, but no. She still sleeps on my pillow every night and bites my hand every time I try to pet her. She loves Husband and the kids. She loves to bit me. The one who feeds her.
The curtains REALLY light up the room. It's a nice change. And maybe the next time we're out and about, I'll price some blinds.

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Jennifer said...

The best part of this was the kids trashing my things label! It made me laugh. Oh how I know the feeling!