Sunday, February 27, 2011

The seeds are surviving!

It's been about two weeks and so far so good.

In every cup (but the two on the left hand side that are partially cut off) have growing thriving plants in them. HURRAY. And the two on the left have been replanted. One cup was tomatoes and the other was melons.
(picture taken Saturday)
It's been excited. I've been worried about over watering. And I've been taking them outside to sit in the sun every day (seriously).

I'm also anxiously awaiting the basil plants to get put out so we can buy those and get started. What I love so much about getting basil plants instead of starting seeds (we did both last year) was the instant gratification. Seriously, you bring those babies home and they are ready to harvest immediately. Because of Husband's intense love for my homemade pesto, I'm doubling the amount of basil plants we're growing this year. That will definitely help build the freezer stash so he can enjoy in further into the winter.

We're also making our own tomato cages this season instead of building the rickety ones from a garden shop. I'm excited. We're modeling them after some that my parents have had over 25 years that my mom's dad made for them. It's a great feeling to know we're going to be building something that will last. (Even if it's just sturdy tomato cages)

(and speaking of building sturdy things, I really hope I'll have 5 or 6 blog posts in the future about just that topic)

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