Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a measuring day ...

... but I'm not measuring today. So instead of looking at some names of body parts and their corresponding numbers, look at these cute kids.
Why no measuring today? Well, because for the last few weeks I have been such a slacker. I can tell ZERO difference in my body and I'd rather not take the chance of getting down because the numbers went up.

I've spent drastically less time on the weight bench and the elliptical. But on the up side we've been outside A LOT.

We've gone hiking twice. Walking (a 5k) three times and running (the couch to 5k program) three times. The weather has been too nice to stay in on the elliptical. But My knees and hips have been begging me to just sit and crochet instead of getting on the elliptical on non-running days.

I ordered some new running shoes. So that's nice. Nothing fancy or special. Just a pair of New Balances that are in the "performance running" category. And they were on sale and I had a coupon. So that makes it better too. I'm excited for them to arrive and hopefully I'll get a little relief on my knees and hips.

I have scheduled (but not signed up for) my first 5k of the season. March19th, It's the Clay House 5k in the Bham area if anyone is interested in joining. I will definitely not be ready in the sense that I will be able to run the entire thing (I'll only be on week 6 of C25K by then) but it'll be the last 5k I can enter before my 30th birthday. I'd like to give it a go.

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