Friday, February 25, 2011

She got her pink scarf

Sunday we stopped by Jo-ann to pick up some sale yarn to finish a couple of projects. The Lion Brand Homespun was on sale. So I picked up a few different colors. (one being "Parfait" a white yarn with different shades of pink running through it. love it.)

Daughter asked for pink yarn for a new scarf but I told her no. For the main reason that I still haven't made the blue scarf she requested three weeks ago and for the secondary reason that she said the reason she wanted the pink yarn is because pink is her favorite color. That's all well and good that she declared pink her favorite color but she also declares red, orange, blue and yellow her favorite color quite regularly. So no pink yarn for the fickle daughter. She can get her pink yarn after I make the blue scarf.

Today I finished the two parfait scarves. As I was tying them off and stitching the ends, Daughter runs end, gasps, grabs the pink scarf, holds is up to her cheek and says, "Oh thank you, Mommy. A pink scarf just for me."

Yes, just for you. Just what I intended. (cough cough)



TL said...

this may be my all-time favorite pic of ROS. and i have several favs...

TL said...

and also, fabulous yarn!