Friday, February 11, 2011

more yarn

It's almost impossible to take the kids yarn shopping and leave without them picking out something for themselves. It's near impossible explaining to Daughter why she doesn't get to pick 14 different yarns.

"You can only pick one."

"I like dis one and dis one and dis one and dis one."

Saturday it got to be Husband's job to help her sort though everything she threw in the cart and narrow it down to one for one new scarf.

She settled on this. To match her favorite jacket, btw.
100% peruvian wool. I've never used it before so I'm interested to experiment for Daughter.
It's more expensive that what I usually buy so I don't see myself getting more for a full size scarf until it's for a paying customer or it's on super sale.

Son was easier. I picked out one to match his favorite jacket (which will also be his jacket next winter because I buy them big) Well, I picked out three that matched and then let him pick his favorite.
Sock Yarn. I've never used it either.
Tiffany and I have a plan for some sock yarn in my near or distant future. And by that I mean she has a fantastic crochet pattern that uses it and I have the power to crochet. Well, I think it's sock yarn. I forget exactly. Bottom line, eventually I will make at least two fabulous granny square bags. maybe with sock yarn, maybe not.

I'll post more later about what else I got Saturday. My mom's coworkers love and love to buy my scarves so I've been working on stuff for them for the past month or so.

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Tiffany Lopez said...

snap! i need to send that pattern to you! i'm waaay excited about the prospect!