Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday Fun Day at the Park

First, Husband surprised me yesterday by writing his first post to the blog. I was slightly shocked that it was only 4% inappropriate. He does have quite a way with words.

Second, we took over 400 pictures on Sunday. I managed to get it narrowed down the 20 for this post.

After breakfast we asked Daughter where she would like to go on an adventure and she said, "LI-BERRY" unfortunately, we'd have to drive 45 minutes to get to a library that's open on Sunday. So I asked if the "see-saw park" would be a good idea. (We identify parks by distinguishing features. The park by our house is the "purple dinosaur park" and the park in the city I grew up in is "mommy park" -- it also has a purple dinosaur)

Both kids started cheering. We got dressed and off we went. Windows down. Heaven.

crawling with Baby

they refused to see-saw with each other ... so ...

... Husband helped.

Those two crossed the creek for some Daddy/Daughter see-sawing.
There are 5 sets of see-saws at this park. Hence, our name for it.


Over the winter, the Parks Board put cross ties and pebbles around all the play equipment. Daughter picked out all the meteors. (yes, seriously) Here she is showing off the "meteors" she found.

sigh. I love when they slow down long enough for a picture with me.

I had to catch him, but it still counts.

Three of my favorite 6 blue eyes. (I'm the only one in the family with green eyes. I'm also the only one in the family not wearing horizontal stripes at the park)

the big slide

swinging with a new friend. This little girl told me all kinds of stories about how they are staying with Darlene because they can't go back to their house because Daddy hits Mommy in the mouth and makes her bleed. Broke my heart. It also broke my heart that whoever took them to the park stayed in the car the entire time leaving the 5 year old and her 3 year old little brother to fend for themselves.
On a happier note: Son did fantastic in the regular swing.

looking for more meteors

she pushed him for about 3 minutes. In toddler time, that's about 45 minutes. They both loved it and she wouldn't let me help and she declined the offer to ride along and let me push.

a mean face.

a sweet face

refusing to take turns. Daughter won. as usual.


under the slide

two hours later, we were ready to leave.


Husband said...

I'm glad I don't beat you.

Christy Ross said...

If you ever went insane and tried it, you'd only try it once.