Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seed Planting Time

Our seeds. First attempt. And hopefully the last for 2011.

If you weren't reading a year ago or don't keep precise notes about my life or you're not Tina, you've probably forgotten that I almost lost my mind this time last year over dirt and seeds. Thanks to Daughter and Gracie, we had to plant our seeds THREE times.

I found a sturdy (on clearance) container to hold everything and I upgraded the containers to old yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream containers we've been saving all year. There's still a couple containers in the fridge that I need to empty and run through the dishwasher so I can fill.

The Jeremy Giant tomatoes, Juliet tomatoes, Marketmore 76 cucumbers and the Livingston muskmelons.

Everything else (the crook neck squash, the butternut squash, the fennel, the onions and the carrots) can go directly into the garden after last frost.

The jury is still out on Husband's rhubarb. We'll have to find the "right" place for it before I start it.

I am getting antsy about the basil. Our Wal-mart is getting the garden center ready for the plants to arrive and as soon as they do, IT'S BASIL TIME. (plus the kids' tommy toe plant)

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