Thursday, February 10, 2011

the most productive day of my year

It's true. Yesterday was the most productive day of 2011 for me and I have the done it list to prove it.
I'm don't mind picking up after myself and I have no real problem with cleaning. Daughter says cleaning is boring and I mostly agree. I need music playing. I need to be wearing tennis shoes (strange but true). I usually need to play games with myself to help my cleaning productivity. Hence the done it list.

But my actual believe about housework can be paraphrased by Carol Channing "Make sure, when there's housework to do, that you do it together!"

I was the most productive from the hours of 5-7. Why? Husband came home early (because of the 7th snow storm of the season) and he was working on his own done it list. Except I'm the only one who actually writes it down. He just sees a mess, cleans it and moves on to the next thing. He's so "normal" like that.

a note about number 5: I didn't actually start and finish 3 scarves today. They were all ones that were at least 3/4 finished when I ran out of yarn. Now I have the yarn so I could finish them.

And it's true. I still put "work out" on the done it list.

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laurensmommy said...

I keep forgetting to do one of these "done it" lists. I think that I would love being able to look back and feel like I had accomplished some things, rather than focusing on all the things that I didn't get done! :)

I should do one today, since we are hosting our playgroup tomorrow, so there will be a LOT of cleaning (and stuffing things in closets)!!