Friday, February 4, 2011

The Daughter sized towels

Until very recently Daughter has had no problem with what towel or robe she is dried off with after her shower. We still use a few larger hooded towels and 5 robes for both kids. Last week she decided she did not want to use a "baby towel" or a "baby robe" Yes, EVEN the fabulously cute bunny robe that I love so much.

She wanted to use my (and Husband's) over sized bath towels. You know, the really big ones. They're like beach towels, except they're bath towels. Anyway, we only have 4 of those so her using one every other day (sometimes every day) was out of the question.

I started talking to her about [Daughter] sized towels. They will be just her size and she can pick out whatever color she wants. She seemed jazzed about the idea. Sunday night we went to wal-mart (I really dislike how much we shop there, but in our town we don't have many options) and she got to pick out 3 [Daughter] sized towels. (they were $3.22 each and nice and soft)

She picked out yellow, green and purple.
Breaking in the yellow towel. She loves it.
Look at Son being a creeper in the background.

Now Son gets exclusive use of the blue hooded (formerly a clearance beach cover up from Target) robe.
See the pictures of our pets in the background? Son loves to point them out. EVERY time we're in the bathroom.
"Dack" = Jack
"Glacie" = Gracie
"Char-wee" = Charlie
He also says "Where Hen-wee?" = Henry the turtle.
You have to be a warm blooded pet to have a framed picture in the bathroom, kid.

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Nicki said...

I loved hooded towels when my little minion was still a little tyke. It helped make bathtime fun and hers had a soft terry cloth "crown" sewn on top, so of course the "princess robe" was all hers! ;)